Grown Up Outdoor Festival Style

music festival style

music festival style

music festival style

music festival style

music festival style

It’s hard to ignore the explosion of music festival concerts that seem to grow year after year.

The 70’s fashion trend is in (again!), so stores will be brimming with irresistible embroidered denim & jackets, flowing boho pieces and noteworthy fringe accessories. The upside to this hippy resurgence is that your spring purchases will work double time – whether you’re going to an outdoor BBQ or freewheeling at Coachella, you’ll be able to integrate these festival worthy pieces into every day wear.


If you’re a Pinterest lover, hop over to my Music Festival board for outfit inspiration from all of the festivals!


Okay–full admission here–outside of baseball caps, I’m kind of over wearing hats. While I still think they look very elegant and glamorous, these days I don’t feel the urge to wear any of the brimmed beauties stacked in my closet. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy wearing them to the beach or special event. Cue in Music Festival. Since most concerts are held during warm, sunny days donning a topper provides needed sun protection and adds pizzaz to your look.


Hands down one of the easiest and least expensive accessories for your spring/summer 2017 wardrobe. Wear it alone or with layered gold necklaces.

Off the Shoulder

After several seasons, the exposed shoulder continues to top spring trend lists making it a mainstream hit. I love that this style highlights some of my more desirable body areas–neck, collarbone and shoulders without sacrificing cool style. And let’s face it, nothing cries out retro 70’s, I’m-with-the-band more then a shoulder baring boho blouse.


Rocking embroidered pieces is easier then you might think. One of the best things about embroidered style is how easily it mixes with other textures. If you’d prefer to play it safe, stick with monochromatic shades or pair with denim.

Cross Body Bags

This hands-free bag comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and it’s highly likely that you already have one in your closet. Roomy enough for your phone, tickets, money & mints – leaves you free to groove. If you’re planning on buying a new cross body, saddle bags and circle shapes are spotlight choices.


Stomping to music is one of the best parts of attending a music festival.  It’s also a key reason to wear a shoe that covers your toes.  Sandals are great, but if it rains, or the venue grounds are uneven, a sturdier bootie is a fashionable and practical choice for footwear.  And you can wear them all year long!

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