Statement Outerwear

How many of you face the following scenario, year after year:

You get an invite in the mail to attend a Holiday party you’re actually looking forward going to. Your next thought instantly goes to a virtual scanning of your closet in attempt to “see” if you have anything to wear to the party. You suddenly feel uncomfortable and anxious at the thought of going out into the mall-crazy, looney-tune public in hopes of finding the perfect outfit, and then you find yourself not so cheery anymore about the invite you just received in the mail.

Trust me, you aren’t alone.

Luckily, the solution to your nonexistent Holiday wardrobe is way simpler than the hassle of trying to find an outfit you feel both festive and comfortable in.

Your solution: A killer statement coat.

Think about it – how many of us dress to the nines for these parties, only to throw our go-to winter dress coat over our ensemble — and then we end up keeping our coat on for the majority of the party because that woman you see once a year is having another red wine induced hot flash and request the front door stay left open…

…someone just get her a chilled Chardonnay…

You catch my drift (literally…brr). My goal for this blog is to introduce you to a few if my favorite head-turning, conversation-starting and cozy-feeling statement coats you can feel confident about wearing to your upcoming Holiday festivities — indoor, outdoor, and any temperature in-between.

Kate Spade Faux Fur Coat
Club Monaco Daylina Coat
Shrimps Fayx Fur Lassie Coat
Guess Coat
Zara Red Coat
Zara Animal Print Coat

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