Swimsuit Coverups That Double As Dresses

Vegas pool

When packing for a beach getaway, it’s easy to throw in every swimsuit, coverup, romper, and maxi dress that you own. Better to pack “just in case” options than worry about running out of options, right? Wrong.

How many of us overpack, even though we rarely find ourselves wearing everything in our suitcase–sometimes not even even wearing even half of the clothes we packed? If in your head you’re thinking “Guilty as charged!” then this blog is your new favorite solution for minimizing the clothes you pack while maximizing the use of the clothes you that do make it in the bag.

Below are a few ways to inspire you to pack a few lightweight swimsuit coverups that effortlessly double as dresses for wining and dining. The best part is that all of these coverups are incredibly comfortable and flattering! No hugging in weird places, no itchy zippers–just easy, breezy styles that will make you feel sexy and confident all day long.

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